Welcome to Stop The Knutson Farms Warehouse Development Community

A place to discuss the proposed warehouse development on the approximate 162-acre Knutson Farm property located within unincorporated Pierce County. This development will directly impact the area by adding traffic and pollution to a mostly residential area that does not have the infrastructure or resources to support it.

This is not an official site affiliated with the City of Puyallup or any governmental agency or other organization.

It was setup to provide a place other than social media for residents of Puyallup, Sumner, and the other potentially impacted areas to gather, discuss, and coordinate actions with regards to making our voices heard - THAT WE DO NOT WANT TO 162 ACRE KNUTSON FARMS TURNED INTO WAREHOUSES!

The potential impact for not only the surrounding communities but the resulting and inevitable environmental and potentially cultural impacts cannot be stressed enough to lawmakers and those involved in this project.

Here is the project site (map from https://knutsonfarmseis.org/):

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