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From website landing page:

Free access: The Washington State Judicial Opinions Website provides free public access to the precedential, published appellate decisions from the Washington State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

There is no charge to search, retrieve or save documents from this website, and there is no copyright on opinion text. The site, however, is for personal, not commercial, use.

Online opinions are intended to mirror the official text of the official reports: The opinions on this website are intended to mirror the text of the official opinions found in the advance sheets and bound volumes of the printed, official Washington Reports. Thus, the opinions here reflect the authenticity and accuracy of the editing, correction, and approval process for official publication. All opinion text on this website should be identical to the printed advance sheets and bound volumes of the Washington Reports. To the extent of any conflict, the text of the official Washington Reports controls.

Opinions are published on this website 60-90 days after slip opinions are filed: The opinions on this website are the officially edited opinions, which are first published approximately 60-90 days after the court issues its original slip opinion. To find slip opinions, go to

Caution as to other online sources: With one exception, other online sources of published Washington appellate opinions do not endeavor to incorporate all the editing and corrections noted above. To my understanding, only the online opinions from LexisNexis (including the opinions on its commercial website, are uniformly based on the final published opinions from Washington’s appellate courts rather than on partially modified slip opinions.

Information about the distinctions between our published opinions, unpublished opinions, and slip opinions—and about their proper use—is available at Washington Courts.