Potential environmental impacts

This topic is to start the discussion regarding the potential environmental impacts of the Knutson Farms Warehouse Development.

Michael Brown brought up an excellent point in his comments (#228 Appending A, EIS Scoping Survey):

The SEPA Checklist is very non-specific regarding wildlife found in and around the site. I am providing a link to eBird’s accumulated list of bird species found there. You will not only see the 108 specific species observed there but the names of some local people who submitted the observations. You can also click on individual species names and see the number of times (including dates) the species has been observed in the location.


eBird is an online database operated by Cornell University. I don’t know if there are similar databases for other types of animals, but I think these things need to be carefully considered.

Following the link he provided bring you to a page with a list of the bird species observed in the area:

The map link that shows more details is available at: https://ebird.org/pnw/hotspots?hs=L7781014&yr=all&m=

109 bird species have been observed in the 134th Ave E Puyallup area alone.


20 bird species have been observed in the Van Lierop Park


111 bird species have been observed in the Foothill Trails area


Even the nearby Riverwalk Trail boasts 60 observed bird species.

This alone is evidence that the area is home to a diverse amount of wildlife. Wildlife that would be severely impacted by the loss of habitat, significant increase in traffic, and increased pollution in the area that a large project such as this would bring.

What are some of your concerns regarding the environment from this project?