Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 8 - Puyallup Indian Tribe

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 11/17/2020
Comment #: 8
Submitter: Brandon Reynon
Organization: Puyallup Indian Tribe
Attachment: Yes (not provided)

Hello Chris,
The Puyallup Tribe Historic Preservation Department’s stance on the need to protect potential
impacts to cultural resources on this site has not changed.

We request an archaeological survey prior to any construction beginning. Regardless of the
results of the survey, we also request an archaeological monitor be present once ground work on
the project begins.

My comments are limited to Puyallup Tribe cultural resource concerns. You will need to reach
out to the other Tribal entities for any comments and concerns they may have previously discussed with the City.

Thank you,
Brandon Reynon
Assistant Director/Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Historic Preservation Department
Puyallup Tribe