Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 295 - Protect Puyallup

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 12/17/2020
Comment #: 295
Submitter: Chris Chisholm,Bebe Colley, Joan Cronk, Betty Ann Dorsey, Philip Schumock, Heather Shadko, Kristopher Stamon, Tom Taylor
Organization: Protect Puyallup
Attachment: Yes (not provided)

Dear City of Puyallup,
Thank you for your efforts to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Knutson Farm Warehouse proposal. On behalf of nearly 5,000 people that have signed the Petition · Stop the 7 Mega Warehouse Proposal in the Puyallup Shaw/Pioneer Farmland Area ·, we submit these comments. The petition text is included below and the nearly 5,000 people that have signed the petition are listed in the attached files along with their comments. We are concerned many people that have signed this petition are unaware of the EIS scoping comment period because they have not been notified, the busy time of year, and the pandemic, so please consider the concerns expressed by all the people that have signed this petition. [ ]

We believe the EIS must include alternatives that include fewer warehouses to mitigate the many impacts associated with this proposal. This proposal is simply too large for this location. Impacts and mitigation include:

• Traffic. Trucks will overload the already congested Shaw Road and East Main. East Pioneer, which has adjacent houses and a school with local commuters, will become a truck route overwhelming this street. The City must mitigate the traffic impacts and the only realistic way to do that is to scale back the number of warehouses in addition to necessary street improvements.

• Farmland and open space must be protected as mitigation for the project. This farmland is important to Puyallup’s heritage and community character and has some of the best agricultural soil in the world.

• The new Van Lierop Park, the new Step by Step facility, and a future Foothills Trails connection must be protected with mitigation that preserves their character. Warehouses adjacent to these highly valued new community assets are incompatible. Warehouses must be screened to protect the visual impact at these facilities.

• The floodplain, wetlands, and salmon must be protected. For example, a reduction of at least 50% of warehouse square footage and farmland set-aside may somewhat mitigate the impacts and protect the character of the Puyallup.

Tom Taylor, Puyallup
Kris Stamon, Puyallup
Joan Cronk, Puyallup
Heather Shadko, Puyallup
Chris Chisholm, Puyallup
Bebe Colley, Puyallup
Phil Schumock, Puyallup
Betty Ann Dorsey, Puyallup

Petition Text
A St. Louis, Missouri developer has proposed turning the Shaw/Pioneer farmland area into a massive industrial warehouse district. This proposal runs counter to the City’s land use plan that was adopted in 2009 after years of working with the land owners, citizens, and the County. The developer is trying to take advantage of existing county zoning and ignoring past agreements and the adopted plan for this Puyallup future annexation area.

The impacts of this project would be enormous: traffic congestion from 7,000 trucks and cars per day, costs to Puyallup citizens to repair roadways, decreased property values, destruction of farmland, incompatibility with the City’s future Van Lierop park, and an overall diminishment of land use character and quality of life for the Puyallup community.

We recognize property rights and that some of this land will be developed, but those rights are lawfully limited where there are egregious impacts to the community and environment, which is the case with this proposal. We insist that you require a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement to fully assess these impacts with public input and either deny or significantly mitigate this project.