Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 197 - Rebbecca Teitzel/Isaksen

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 12/14/2020
Comment #: 197
Submitter: Rebbecca Teitzel/Isaksen
Organization: None listed
Attachment: No

Hello , I’m the daughter of Gilbert and Mary Teitzel. We use to own Teitzel’s Blueberry farm, across from the Vanleriops park.

We lost the farm , unfortunately.

I understand of the booming business in the valley. I’m hoping to try to at least SAVE the big trees that are left in the valley. The property is going to the city , as they have planed this for years . My parents wanted to build a family home at the farm, in the apple orchard, the city shut them down.

So I want to speak up about at least…saving the big California cedar tree at the site next to the new big wearhouse. This tree came from California and planted by my Uncle Dwight Teitzel in , 1960. It’s been a wonderful site for many years and it would be great to see this tree survive !!

There are so many changes in the valley and the trees should be incorporated into the grounds, landscaping. I hope people understand what I’m trying to say.

Please save the big trees in the valley !

Thanks for your time and any help with this matter.

Rebecca’s comments are sad and tell a bit of the rich heritage this area has. It would be a shame to tear it all down for warehouses that may just sit empty!

Regardless of what happens those trees should be saved!