Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 196 - Rick and Janet Anthony

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 12/14/2020
Comment #: 196
Submitter: Rick and Janet Anthony
Organization: None listed
Attachment: No

We are very concerned about the impact of this project onvthe elementary schools on Shaw Road. As a retired school superintendent, Rick is particularly concerned about the safety of the students in those schools. We share that concern as the grandparents of a student at Shaw Elementary. The amount of truck traffic would make this a dangerous area.

The highway system can barely handle the traffic that occurs now during a large part of the day. Having 2000 more trucks per day would be a total nightmare. It would be worse than Seattle traffic and would be detrimental to the entire Puyallup area.

Seeking property outside of Puyallup would make more sense, where road conditions are adequate and safety can be a priority.

We are adamantly opposed to this project at the proposed site.

Rick’s comments on how “2000 more trucks per day would be a total nightware” is spot on!

There is no way this area could handle that amount of extra traffic. Not to mention the fact that the intersection is even busier now with the Safeway and gas station and other shops. There have been some nasty accidents on both Shaw Rd and in that Shaw/Pioneer intersection. Adding a ton of more trucks to the road is just gonna make that even worse. The way people fly down Shaw Road is insane and you can guarantee trucks will use that as a shortcut!