Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 168 - Tim DeWolf

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 12/12/2020
Comment #: 168
Submitter: Tim DeWolf
Organization: None listed
Attachment: No

From a nearby resident and advocate to the vitality to this great city.

The proposed plan may benefit economic growth but will the quality of life for the city of Puyallup and neighboring city Sumner. Increased traffic, and zoning of commercial in one of the few places in NE Puyallup that has a treasure view of Mt. Rainier should not be wasted on commercial warehouses. It’s waterfront to Puyallup river with Mountain View’s is priceless.

Instead I propose a high end retail and restaurant boardwalk and new downtown walkable shopping area with recreational and biking elevated to High priority.

This is also the needed area to connect the foothills bike path to the puyallup river trails. With my proposed plan, property values will continue to increase and driver greater like ability to the city which will fuel even greater economic growth.

Keep Puyallup beautiful and let’s honor the best parcels of land we have left in the area to something the whole community can enjoy, not to be wasted my commercial warehouses.

Please and thank you for reading.

A nearby resident and advocate to the vitality to this great city.

Now that they have developed the Shaw Rd and Pioneer Ave intersection and have plans for multiple multi-family housing units and another adjacent retail development, the traffic is horrendous and the city has no plans for widening Shaw Rd to 23rd street. Backups occur now daily on Shaw Rd and E. Pioneer Ave. and will only get worse.

This is the only Ingress and Egress for the small housing communities at the lower end of Shaw Rd. To have constant semi-trucks exiting the area, blocking intersections and taking up to 4 car lengths of roadway on already crowded surface streets would just exacerbate the

There is already an industrial park in the Summer valley where these types of facilities should be located with close access to Hwy 167, not in a small parcel of land located within a growing city where services are desperately needed for the aforementioned housing communities.

We don’t need those trucks blocking the local surface streets (and there will be many!) We do not need a small distribution center that does not address the services issues. Not only are these buildings a blight on this beautiful Mt. Rainier setting, but are in no way beneficial to those living close by.

The Highlands community is well aware of the behind closed doors dealings with the County to change the zoning from what had previously been zoned only for retail and housing!

The County just wants the large tax base that a distribution facility would provide them with no cares for the well being of citizens living in the area.

Shame on them!

Tim’s comments are spot on in my opinion.

I am puzzled as why he has what looks like two separate comments added together though?