Comments from the EIS Scoping Report - # 129 - Williams - Northwest Pipeline

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) Scoping report’s Appendix A published comments from 301 people. Here is one of the comments for discussion:

Date: 11/30/2020
Comment #: 129
Submitter: Clay Gustaves, Matt Kautzman, Jeremiah Ross, Jason Westmoreland
Organization: Williams - Northwest Pipeline
Attachment: Yes (not provided)

Williams -Northwest Pipeline owns and operates a 75 foot wide high pressure natural gas transmission right of way through this project and has not been consulted regarding our development and encroachment standards and has not granted approval for any disturbance, equipment crossings, utility crossings, pavement or any changes in land use, whatsoever. Until an encroachment agreement is in place between the owner and Williams, no approvals will be granted. I’ve attached our Developers’ Handbook, which states our encroachment specifications and other
information regarding changes in land use within our transmission easement.

Clay R Gustaves
Senior Land Representative
Williams – Northwest Pipeline